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Shaping the TENNIS
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The Competitive Edge tennis academy, established by Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram has grown leaps and bounds to became a pioneer in the tennis industry, moulding young guns into champions.

The inspirational Meenakshi Sundaram brings with him a wealth of experience, having coached with talents from various corners of the world at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch in Texas, USA.

Team of Coaches & Tennis Counsellors

Director – Meenakshi Sundaram

An epitome of commitment, Meenakshi Sundaram leaves no stone unturned in his quest to unearth exceptional talents and transform them into complete tennis players. A source of inspiration, Mr.Meenakshi is constantly engaged in reviewing various tennis programs and activities at CE tennis.

Chief Coach

The Chief Coach takes care of professional tennis players and gear them up for big tournaments.

Intermediate coach

The Intermediate coach strengthens the technique and temperament of talented players with sound basics. Thus enabling many promising players graduated to the next level.

Beginners coach

Young kids with no knowledge about tennis are taken under the wing of the beginner’s coach.

Traveling Coach

The traveling coach oversees the pre-match warm up sessions and meticulously plans strategies in addition to his duties of providing proper food and accommodation to the players.


Our vision is to channelize the energy of the young players, tune-up their skills and evolve them into well-rounded tennis pro’s both physically and mentally with absolutely no compromise on 100% performance.


Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art facilities and astute coaching to instill in the players the technique and temperament to achieve success at the highest level.


We at Competitive Edge firmly believe there is no substitute for the three D's in life- Discipline, Dedication and Determination. Despite our 'tough as nails' approach towards this beautiful game, we have created a platform for all players to enjoy their game. Needless to say, this makes us a cut above the rest. At the end of the day, tennis is a test of skill and will but not war.

Visit the official site of Competitive Edge International Tennis camps http://www.cetenniscamps.com/

Sathya Prakash

Sathya Prakash has been a backbone of our academy over the years going through the ropes of learning. He is an invaluable asset to our program and without his presence. it would have been extremely difficult to sustain what we have achieved so far. He has played as No.2 Player for Anna University and his college was No.2 in Tamil Nadu.

Evolution of Sathya Prakash

  • 1 year as trainee
  • 6 years trained for Coaching
  • Past 2 Years as full-fledged Coach


Dmitry Kozionov’s testimonial

I have been playing tennis for coach Meenakshi Sundaram for 3 years. In this time I won numerous amount of awards from Southland conference and Nicholls State University. One of them is MVP for two years and 2-times first team in southland conference. All this time, coach took me under his wing and was supporting me all the time. We had a really nice coach-player relationship which is really important for college tennis, because you spend most of your time with the team and on the tennis court trying to improve your skills and performance. On the tennis court coach Sundaram was working on my weaknesses step by step, which helped me improve my game and win some of the close matches. Overall, I am really happy that Coach came to our university and started working with the tennis team. The sad thing is, he should have come one year earlier, so that I would have spent all 4 years under his coaching.

Alexandru Gasca Silav’s testimonial

I am from Romania. I am a 6'4'' 188 pounds player, top 20 in juniors in Romania, Division I college player on my way up to a great professional career. I ran into coach Sundaram while looking for a coach that is just as passionate about the game of tennis as I am. In just two months of collaboration, coach Sundaram took my game to the next level on a few different areas and I am looking forward with excitement to the next few months to come. I find that if you truly trust coach Meenakshi and follow his advice great things will happen with your game.

Sharan Godya's testimonial

CE summer camps are an amazing experience. It has been an important step in my tennis education. By giving paramount importance to fitness and practise, Meenakshi Sir has created national champions year after year. Though he is a tough task-master during training, he is a cheerful person off the court.

Aman Jhawar's testimonial

Meenakshi Sir, in the truest sense of the world is a dream coach, who understands every individual's strength and weaknesses. In pressure situations during high profile tournaments, he motivates his students and brings the best out of them by channelizing their energy in the right direction. For all those willing to pursue tennis as a career, Competitive Edge is the destination.

Srikanth Rao's testimonial

Innovation in the name of the game in the modern era. Meenakshi Sir's strategies, briefing and debriefing sessions before every game has played a pivotal part in my success. Besides strengthening my tennis technique, he has also strengthened my personality in more ways than one.

Sandhya Nagaraj's testimonial

My four years of training under Meenakshi sir was an intergral part of my tennis career. Being at a residential academy taught me more than just tennis. Meenakshi sir not only has the experience to bring an upcoming junior into the professional circuit, but also the connections to direct young athletes towards a well rounded career. Competitive edge is a wholistic tennis academy where technical skills, strength conditioning and match play are all addressed in one professional setting.

Navin Marimuthu's testimonial

I spent majority of my tennis career at Competitive Edge Tennis Academy. During my time at CE, I went from being tennis player to actually becoming a tennis player. The schedule posed to the students during the camp was rigorous, fun, and intuitive. I learnt how to play tennis competitively, along the way; I learnt important life lessons from my camp mates, coaches, and importantly from Meenakshi Sir. Meenakshi Sir was and is the heart of CE; he was greatly involved in all aspects of the academy. He taught us tennis, fitness and how to have fun while playing tennis. I travelled with the camp mates to tournaments, competitively had fun along the way. Meenakshi Sir guided me all the way; he helped me get into a college with a scholarship and is still guiding me through important times. Meenakshi Sir puts his students first, close to heart. At the end, Competitive Edge helps anyone grow in all aspects of their life.

Sriram's testimonial

Competitive Edge is where I learnt most of my tennis at. I attended 3 summer camps and have been a student of Menakshi Sir for a long time. CE Tennis had many competitive players and the coaches have always pushed me to play and win against the top players. There was a lot of scope for improvement and the best use of time. For me it was not just a tennis camp, I learnt many life lessons at the academy through the coach and also the players. Meenakshi Sir always wanted us to be an all round star hence, he wanted us to excel in tennis as well as academics. After the end of the summer camp, the coaches did an evaluation of the player and after seven to eight years, I still have these evaluations and it is still useful. Respect, honesty, courage, positive attitude and most of all the guts to face any situation are some of the many lessons I learnt from Competitive Edge and Menakshi Sir. Life long connection has been made through Competitive edge and I met a lot of people from around the world which gave me an overall experience. Meenakshi Sir helped me to get into a good school in US and he has been in touch with me ever since and he is one of the first people to whom I share a great news with all the time. Bottom line, Competitive Edge is not just a tennis academy but it is an overall experience which will help you grow throughout life.

Preethi's testimonial

I have known Meenakshi sir, on off for a very long time and in all those years one element that has stood out, is his ability to be unconventional yet disciplined at the same time. I have heard from fellow tennis players his ability to help you with tennis at a very personal level and with such ease that you don't realize you have made corrections until you suddenly hit an unbelievable forehand. I have personally experienced his ability to study your game and give you small corrections that make a big difference to your game. Meenakshi sir is fun loving and lets his students chill outside the tennis court and treats them to a bootcamp on court which again is his signature style as it helps bring out the best in his students.

Sandeep's testimonial

I had just tried one coaching center and started with the baby steps in the beautiful game of tennis at Nungambakkam during 1992-93. After some time one of my coaches suggested another center in Kodambakkam and there was my coach. The name and the personality do not match as I could not believe him to be a Tamilian. After a couple of sessions we formed a small group and he encouraged us to the maximum. He made us believe we were really the Tennis "Superstars" and we owned the court. At the same time he was strict with us and instilled discipline and fitness and thanks to him, I learned skipping which has helped me from then on till date. Those running sessions were awesome and we all were waiting for the Sunday where, after tennis we were treated for a game of Baseball which was another attraction. I feel bad to not have continued the beautiful game but thanks to him for making those 3-4 years the most memorable ones for me in my life. We still keep in touch and my best wishes to him in all his endeavors. May God bless him with the best of health, wealth and happiness and make his tennis academy the best.

Parija Maloo's testimonial

Coach Meenakshi is a masterfully skilled coach. I have known him since I was 14 but had the opportunity to learn from him for the last 2 years. As my coach, he has consistently delivered excellent support, insight, caring and coaching everytime we were on court. Off court- he has been a father to me by being a mentor and also teaching me the life values. I am glad to play college tennis in the US under him.

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